Language Department



The Languages Department is composed of English and Literature and Kiswahili Subjects.

The department has a total of fourteen members. Six teachers of English and Literature and eight teachers of Kiswahili.

The department has come up with the following strategies.

Firstly the department embraces team work in teaching, marking and setting of exams.

The school also has a language policy whereby from Monday to Thursday learners speak in English and Friday and weekends they communicate in Kiswahili.

Teachers in the department also attend refresher courses like Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) marking and they also attend launching of new setbook workshops.

The school also participates in English and Kiswahili symposium and contests within Kilifi County.

The department also has the following clubs working hand in hand Journalism club, writers and debating clubs.

Debates are held on Wednesday and Mjadala on Friday. Writers club and journalism club meet every Thursday of the week.

There is a lot of potential in the learners hence the need to participate fully in the department’s activities.

The department is also faced with quite a number of challenges.

The learners have a negative attitude towards the subject. They also have a poor reading culture.

Another challenge faced is that the learners have difficulty in sub-dividing the papers into paper one, two and three respectively.

Learners also don’t observe the language policy stipulated in the school.




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